[Manga] Monster Master ch 03
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Hello! This is the second release using this new system I hope you will all like what you are seeing around. Today I don’t have to much to say in relation to the release aside from I’m sorry for the long wait for this one. Even if this chapter only owns 16 pages it sure took me a lot of time to make this out (procrastinating sure is a sin).

In relation to stuff around the site I must say some stuff is wrong and a anonymous follower in bangaqua tumblr warned us so I’ll proceed to the changes as soon as possible. Also some releases you can’t download that means I haven’t uploaded it yet ’cause I don’t own a copy of the release anymore

Other updates is Anoko to Juliet ch 02 and 03 are translated and now waiting for us to start clean as well other releases are being worked on. It’s just now RL is taking all my time and I can’t be online as much as I wanted to be. Anyway enjoy today’s release =D


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