[Manga] Immoral Garden 03
Tuesday, 26 de May de 2015 - 21:09 - Em: Manga, Release

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Hello to all! How are you all? Here is so so so hot that is so hard to work…image.
But aside that this chapter in a bit late than I wanted, since I wanted to release it on Sunday (double release xP), still better a never.
So this is the new chapter of Immoral Garden that came in last Cheri + magazine issue. As for the next chapter I’m not sure but I don’t see a plan till September… so I need to let you all know this series won’t have a new chapter soon… I know it’s sad… no more pervert priestimage. But enjoy this yummy and smut chapter.
Note: In this chapter you will read Kirihito calling the priest as Kaname. There is no mistake in the previous chapter about his name, looks like the relationship got “closer”, so now Kirihiro is calling him by the first name.

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