[Manga] Zashikiwarashi ga dete iku Sodesu CH02
Monday, 27 de November de 2017 - 22:31 - Em: Manga, Release


Hello everyone! Look who is back! Yes, the boring HokaHoka.
Anyway, today I’m bring you to all the new chapter of “Zashiki”, yes chapter 02! There’s yet chapter 3 but at the moment it’s being translated and cleaned too, so we all hope to bring this baby soon.
As for today’s chapter I must say I’m not sure myself how the mangaka will develop Zashiki’s personality since he’s a kid in an adult’s body… But there’s already some hints. I truly hope it’ll come to a cute ending (with sex as well, please). Also I want Baku to have some kinky extra… Okay better stop with these comments, please read the chapter and allow me to know which is your opinion and what you are expecting to happen.
Also I want to let everyone know that in chapter 01 I mixed 2 pages. Page 33 was actually page 34 and vice-versa. I already fixed the download page. I’ve posted the online reader chapter 01 in case you wanna check faster.
Everyone have a nice week ahead.
P.S – Next chapter will probably be Futari Bocchi no Shokutaku ch04. Hope you all are awaiting for this chapter.

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