[Web Comic] Love Leveling Episode 11
Sunday, 25 de October de 2020 - 18:18 - Em: Release, Web Comic

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Dear readers todat I do bring you all a new chaper of these 2 fluffy dummy people. I do think they are cutie in their on way. Either way the next chapter will be a yummy and smexy on, so please be sure you stay tunned okay?
As for more… well I don’t have more to say… lame I know!

Although I do have an announcement (?) to do. We all know in this pandemic times and with the numbers getting new records every day, I do hope this small release can bring you a bit bright moments. I also ask to everyone to please stay home and stay safe. You are important to us so please be sure to stay healthy.

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7 Comment at “[Web Comic] Love Leveling Episode 11”

red | 25-10-2020 at 21:24 | Reply

Thank you for all the hard work and new releases! I hope you all stay safe and healthy!

dee | 26-10-2020 at 03:36 | Reply

Thanks for all the hard work and sharing! Stay healthy!

gwarp | 26-10-2020 at 05:38 | Reply

Thank you for this update!

mizuqueen | 26-10-2020 at 08:17 | Reply

thank you for the release. your hard work is much appreciated.

Maute50 | 26-10-2020 at 15:45 | Reply

Thank you very much for all your work to share the next chapter, I’m looking forward to read!!

phyrigia | 26-10-2020 at 16:03 | Reply

thank you so much!

Seichirou | 04-11-2020 at 16:00 | Reply

Thank you!
stay safe!