Join us!

Thank you for your interest in joining BangAQUA!
We welcome you to join us in our quest to bring to all members/readers High-Quality scanlations. As all scanlation groups we do need more and more help, so if you can work in any OPEN position, even if it is a single time, we would like to have you in. Do not forget we will provide you good rewards =D (cookies, coffee, manga, work and a lot of love and kisses).

If you are interested in joining us please send an email with the following information to

[Date of Birth*]:
[Position you are applying for]:
[What do you prefer to work on**]:
[Experience you have]: If this applies to you please list project name(s)/group(s) that you have worked on. Also you can add samples you already have for this kind of applications.
[Message(s)]: Any other comment you want to tell us and you think it is important.

NOTE: you must be aware BangAQUA works mainly with yaoi, which means you will work in Male x Male love and sex scenes in most of the cases. So be sure you are prepared before you apply to any position.

Raw Provider/Scanner – [CLOSED]

The raw provider is expected to either scan the series in for us or buy it and we’ll scan it in.

Translator – [OPEN]

The translator must translate manga/manhua/manhwa into English. You need to have a firm seize of the language you are translating from.
» At the moment we really need Japanese translators.
You can find our entire project list that needs translating on the ongoing projects page and future projects page.

Proofreader – [CLOSED]

The proofreader looks over the translator’s work while comparing it to the original raws to check for mistakes. By mistakes includes grammar, missing texts, wording and spelling, though it isn’t limited to it.  Need to be able to turn a script in 24-48 hours, unless you state a reason/motive for this not to happen.
» At the moment we really need Japanese to English proofreaders.

Cleaner – [OPEN]

Cleaners are expected to clean, delete text, redraw and edit sound effects. Large or complicated sound effects may be subtitled. An editing program is a necessity, principally Photoshop (any version).

Editor – [OPEN]

Editors are expected to rotate (measure or use the rule tool), crop, resize, level, and make as well all the work a cleaner must do. An editing program is a necessity, principally Photoshop (any version).

Typesetter – [OPEN]

Typesetters are responsible for typing the proofread translations onto the cleaned scans. An editing program is a necessity, principally Photoshop (any version). {NOTE: Sometimes an Editor can make this position too, although while applying as an editor you don’t need to know how to type, although it’s a bonus.}

Quality Checker/Control – [CLOSED]

The quality control’s job is to find and fix any mistakes made by any of the previous jobs. You must have an excellent grasp of English language; an editing program is a necessity, principally Photoshop (any version). A previous experience (in either quality control or editing) is a must but not needed.

Tutorial Sites
To know more about our style and help you acquire your own skills, please check the follow site:

Be free to post here since it will be easier for us or then send a e-mail to or Thanks!

* This step must be filled because we must check if you are +18 years old. Because we won’t feel responsible in any way if you work in a +18 title and you are a minor. So please be sure you apply and you are OK with everything, even if you are a minor, be it yaoi or any other gender of series.
** This question is if you prefer work in doujinshi, manga or any other type.