17 Jun 2020
[Web Comic] Love Leveling Episode 05&06
Wednesday - 18:32 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Announce, Release, Web Comic

Download: Episode 05|Episode 06 || Online Reader: Episode 05|Episode 06

Hello everyone!
As some may already know today’s BangAQUA 13th Anniversary. Yes, it’s being 13 years with you readers and as for that I do thank you everyone to continue to follow us. I just can’t express how it’s amazing all this years, all the times, moments and everything goes with a flash. So for today I bring you all 2 episodes of the series we all are starting to love more than we wanted to. We are trying or best to bring this yummy series as fast as we can so please continue to support us. Also remembers if you can provide help to the artist. All this was thank to our social in crime team Zamazenta Scans which I will never stop to thank.

I’ll release at least another chapter in the next hours, so please enjoy so far these 2 episodes in other to celebrate our anniversary.

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31 May 2020
[Web Comic] Love Leveling Episode 04
Sunday - 17:04 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Release, Web Comic

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Hi Hi everyone! Another day another release ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ.
We are so happy to bring you all another amazing episode of this cutie series. So I do hope you like it.
As for today I do not bring you nothing more. I know it’s short and so on (┳◇┳)…
Still enjoy today’s release as it’s a joint project with the cuties from Zamazenta Scans.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend (for some).

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30 May 2020
[Doujinshi] My Little Vampire
Saturday - 13:50 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Doujinshi, Others, Release

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Yes, double release today! Sorry folks I wanted to share this one early but I couldn’t because real life started to be, again, chaotic.
Either way I want to present today the original doujinshi by the mangaka Masaki Maki. This is like s special story of the original manga story “My little Vampire“. Yes, both the doujinshi and original manga has the same title. So I truly recommend you to read the original series and them read this doujinshi.
Either way this doujinshi is only available digitally so I do hope everyone won’t mind the quality of the scans, which I must say I think it’s quite good.

About the doujinshi it’s after Joel and Raine pass over a little difficult change and how they overcome it with the power of love (and smex)♡(ŐωŐ人).
So please enjoy your time with this yummy. Also and as always if you can please support the artist in any possible way.
Thank you everyone ヾ(^∇^)
Edit: I’m sorry I uploaded a wrong credits page. So at 3:43PM I added the new credits page at the files. In case you download the series and just want to change the credits page, please use this link to download the correct one. Thank you.

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