Hinata – Specials

Type: Manga – Extrahinataspecial01bangaqua
Pages: 13 pages
Mangaka: Naono Bohra
Language: English
Genre: Yaoi – R+18
Summary: Akamine Kakeru, who ran away from home after enduring abuse from his parents for some time, couldn’t find a reason to continue living and was contemplating dying, when a child suddenly appears in front of him. Konomi Shouichi, the father who came looking for the child, saw a bruise-covered Kakeru and took him home with him. Living together with Shouichi and Rurika has given Kakeru a lot of happiness he never felt before but..!!
The big story that got a lot of reaction when it published in a magazine and eight other stories full of sadness make up an amazing volume.
Joint project with naonoholics.

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Note: To download the other stories please come here to get more information about the previous stories that were translated by Naono Holics and other scanlation groups.