Kaizoku Game

Type: Manga
Pages: 199 pages
Mangaka: Takagi Ryou
Language: English
Gender: Yaoi

Chapter 01
Yuuki’s older brother get caught at his pirate lover and got prisoned in the ship. In the time he is being supervised by a cook. All the meals prepared are untouched and the cook got angry since all the crew recognize his talent…
And the problems all start when some people don’t like the relation between them…what will happen…till they get a good ending?
Chapter 02
Rika, the first mate of Kuron, have been in love with Kuron from 8 long years. Even so he never confessed his feelings and so he relieve his “other love” out of the pirates ship. But the one of this sex friends came to the crew…and decided to help Rika…but all that made Rika have another thoughts…what will he do? Accept the help…??!!
Joint project with fantasyshrine
Chapter 03
Kuon is searching the one that broke his sister’s heart. It’s a violinist that plays in a pirate ship. After we found Shana, he turned to be in love and don’t want to take revenge…was it a perfect love story?
Joint project with fantasyshrine

Note: This manga is a continuation of the oneshot Kaizoku Game in Ousama Game that features the rest of Kuuron’s pirate crew.

Chapter 01 to 03 – Download [Complete]