Allen x Kanda
Title: Family Walker
Mangaka: seil
Gender: Yaoi R-18
Summary: A cute story surrounding Allen (papa) and Kanda (mama) and their future/unknown childhood selves.
Joint project with arigatomina
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Title: Offlead
Mangaka: Seil
Gender: Yaoi R-18
Summary: After all incident inside the Noah Arc and after Allen could recuperate the arc, Allen still all motivated and so. But Kanda knows that all is a farce. And they embrace each other. Even so it have a sad ending…
Joint Project with arigatomina
Lavi x Allen
Title: Cross and Gospel
Mangaka: Alpha Plus
Gender: Yaoi R-18
Summary: This story comes from the real episodes when Allen’s Master is given lost in Ocean -_-
Allen says he isn’t dead…but for Lavi those words made him think that he isn’t loved and don’t want lose his one-sided love.
Title: Optmist Bunny
Mangaka: Scoop
Gender: Yaoi R-18
Summary: In the first ARC of the series Allen and Lavi are in the woods to get Krory (or so I think if I remember well of the story XD). After they complete their mission in their way back they get lost. With all Lav’s advances Allen get angry and gets soaked wet in a small river. As for get warm Lavi borrow his jacket and gets excited with the view xD. All the rest is pure smex.
Lavi x Kanda
Title: 5th Angel
Mangaka: Vespa
Gender: Shonen-ai &Gag
Summary: Kanda is a new recruit as for Lavi a senior is enthusiasm to know the “cute” recruits!!! Although Kanda is trough to Lavi by Komui after an Innocence examination!
Title: Believe in those who seek the truth; doubt those who find it
Mangaka: E-PLUS
Gender: Yaoi
Summary: Past and present motives to the lives of Kanda and Lavi. The philosophy of each life. Is it true love or is it an obligation between them?Joint project with butterfliesscan
Title: Oyogeta Tori to Oboreta Sakana
Mangaka: Eiki Eiki
Gender: Sweet shonen-ai and a sad story
Summary: A silent love that Kanda hides from all, even to him, for Lavi. But before a mission Lavi confesses to Kanda and all get mixed! During the mission Kanda get’s injured and Lavi freaks out and so!! Kanda’s soul remains in Black Order main base.[a sad history that touch every heart]