Kuroko no Basket
Kuroko x Kagami
Title: Ice
Mangaka: Mishima Kazuhiko
Gender: Yaoi PG-15
Summary: A sex-harassment doujinshi that turns to be a sweet moment when Kagami turns into a Tsundere.
Kise x Kuroko
Title: Facta, non Verba.
Mangaka: Hakaider
Gender: Yaoi – R-18
Summary: Kuroko requests Kise to hold still till they are done with the basketball club activities…will Kise hold on for so long? Can the acts prove more than words?
Title: Hikari ni Tadoritsuku, Todokanai.
Mangaka: Ashita
Gender: Yaoi – R-16
Summary: Kise loses a basketball game for the first time against Kuroko and the team. He feels like he lost him and doesn’t want it to happen anymore. So he says he loves him and Kuroko is the only one he can love.
Joint project with razuriscans
Title: Kininarun Desu, Boku Datte
Mangaka: Sigmastar
Gender: Yaoi – R-18
Summary: Kuroko gets jealous at Kise’s feelings while he’s thinking in winning Aomine’s. Kise in the other hand gets happy and jumps Kuroko. In revenge Kuroko plays a little…
Title: Midsummer Night Dream
Mangaka: Sigmastar
Gender: Yaoi R-18
Summary: Kise and Kuroko goes to a summer festival and while Kise is spotted by the girls Kuroko is left behind. While Kise asks if Kuroko is jealous he doesn’t disagree. under the fireworks the two get united to make them feel each other feelings.
Joint Project with dear_marionette