Asobi ja nai no

Type: Manga
Pages: 175 pages
Mangaka: SAKURAGA Mei
Language: English
Genre: yaoi, comedy, romance, school life
Summary: Ryuusei is in love with Nagisa and he’s at his limits. Though after Ryuusei’s confession Nagisa can’t understand and have one day to decide if he wants to become Ryuusei’s lover and being apart from him. Just the simple sentence “I love you” will make it all easy…
Joint project with Game Over Or Continue

Chapter 01 to 04 – done by Temptation Scans
Chapter 05 – Download
Chapter 06 – Download

NOTE: As stated the first chapters were made by Temptation Scans though BA, at least, does intend to remake the chapters with better quality. Which is the reason why this project is marquee as