Pure_000aBAType: Manhwa
Mangaka: Dakkang
Language: English
Genre: comedy, shounen-ai, drama
Summary: Sung Hyeg is from a rich family; smart, prudent, cunning and strong. Je Ha is from a poor family; an idler, hooligan and is always looking for badass adventures. Both of them have nothing to lose. And it would have been best, if they had never met…

Note: A special thanks to TaMi from ~Leru Dream~ Scanlation and Karasik from secretbox Scanlation (both are russian scanlation groups that allow us to use the scans and translation!)
Note2: manhwa is read from left to right.


Volume 01

Chapter 01 – Download
Chapter 02 – Download
Chapter 03 – Download
Chapter 04 – Download
Chapter 05 – Download
Chapter 06 – Download

Volume 02

Chapter 07 – Download
Chapter 08 – Download

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