06 Apr 2014
[Manga] Himitsu ga Hanazono ch 01
Sunday - 12:59 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Release

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OMG! I can’t believe after almost 2 months BA as a release for you guys! Yes a release! Believe it or not. But time for us (me) is something I don’t have and just to think I got some time to release something (even if it’s a joint project) it’s like a BANZAI! for me. I’m so busy these days that all I do is mostly work and come to home to sleep XD. I want to thanks Midnight Heaven for all hard work as well to keep this project with us even if you damn slow image also be sure you visit them to give your thanks.

Anyway I hope this release will make you all believe that we aren’t dead and we are still releasing stuff. Also we are working in some projects and we will make it. At the moment I’m working in Ano ko to Juliet chapter 02 as well a FREE! dj, all joint projects but better then nothing right? Also we are working in a Durarara!! doujinshi ^w^/
So we will have a better month so please await for more releases.
And this is all for today, have a rest of a good weekend image

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18 Feb 2014
[Manga] Monster Master ch 03
Tuesday - 00:53 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Release


Hello! This is the second release using this new system I hope you will all like what you are seeing around. Today I don’t have to much to say in relation to the release aside from I’m sorry for the long wait for this one. Even if this chapter only owns 16 pages it sure took me a lot of time to make this out (procrastinating sure is a sin).

In relation to stuff around the site I must say some stuff is wrong and a anonymous follower in bangaqua tumblr warned us so I’ll proceed to the changes as soon as possible. Also some releases you can’t download that means I haven’t uploaded it yet ’cause I don’t own a copy of the release anymore

Other updates is Anoko to Juliet ch 02 and 03 are translated and now waiting for us to start clean as well other releases are being worked on. It’s just now RL is taking all my time and I can’t be online as much as I wanted to be. Anyway enjoy today’s release =D


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05 Feb 2014
Welcome to our new release place (✿◠‿◠)
Wednesday - 18:11 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Announce, Manga, Release

sliderWelcome to the new BangAQUA place where now all members can have full fun and now (all) releases will be free to everyone who visit us.
To you new reader, to those who follow us for a long time we would like to thank  you for coming to us today and are now having fun.
I know it took us almost 3 weeks or so but we wanted to make a great opening and so we have a release ready for all the members. I don’t want to post here to much about the past but in summary I want all members know that all releases that were in livejournal are now full available here and all the links were changed and those missing ones are now available to download. I need to make a notice that some joint projects don’t have any link because I’m still waiting for a reply for the other team to know if we can or cannot freely share our releases.
Also another important notice I want members to know, all money donors spend here are only for the scanlation propose (even when I asked people to help me buy the actual scanner). Believe it or not people sometimes are mean or prejudiced when it comes to money, so those who donated were well known about what I wanted to buy and so (I referee it here and now because with all the ruckus of and on I got to discover some nasty comments in a site that I felt like kicking some people).

So in summary now for the solo purpose of fun and share the goodies we are now free to download our releases. I, HokaHoka, still ask people to try not to share our links/releases outside this community since we want people to come here and have fun with us, although now I can’t impose. Why? Because the art isn’t mine and even if I buy the book I don’t have the right to do it.
With the scanlation of the title itself I hope those who can to support the mangaka by buying the title in a shop or once it’s licensed.

NOTE: I want to ask those who can to read THIS comment made by my online daughter, xryuchan27, due to an unfortunate moment/reason her father was diagnostic with leukemia so if you can help them in the fundraising please do so. Even if it’s just by sharing the word it will be good. Thanks a lot.

So this is where I leave and will allow you to download today’s BA opening release =D

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