16 Aug 2014
[Manga] Ano ko to Juliet ch 02
Saturday - 18:07 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Release


Hello everyone! I know this title is one of the most wanted but we are letting it for a long time and I’m sorry for it. Although thank to our partner in crime, Yaoislife, we are now able to present to everyone the chapter 02. Please be sure you give them a visit to say your thanks or to just give a like image
I hope the next week I can bring more and more to you guys so please be sure you await (I couldn’t do this week because I’m busy with some unexpected problems).
ALSO! Now we “own” a place where any member can read and see some of the most wanted (?) manga title raw scans. I’m scanning some of the magazines I’ve at home and so you are now free to have a glance image. For it please click HERE.
Enjoy this release and see you until next time image.

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06 Aug 2014
[Doujinshi] You’re too drunk, Heichou!!
Wednesday - 18:33 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Doujinshi, Release, Shingeki no Kyojin

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Hi Hi, HokaHoka here! Today we are bringing to you another Shingeki no Kyojinshi doujinshi and by the awesome UNAP! I’m really happy to be able to bring this sweetie version to you all. Although there is a scanlated version I think the quality and so weren’t 100% (it was 99% image). Anyway I hope you like the release! This one was made with the new typesetter, ikahomine, which I hope we can work in way more projects (I like her type style).
Please let us know what you think of this release or any other. We want to know more what our “fans” think of us image. And this is the goodbye, more and more will come as soon as it’s possible.

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27 Jul 2014
[Doujinshi] Two taboo words to silence the King
Sunday - 00:23 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Doujinshi, Haikyuu!!, Release

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Hello! I promised and here I’m with this weekend release. It’s our first Haikyuu!! doujinshi release and I must say I’m super happy because it’s from my most favorite artist, Zeroshiki aka Kabosu, so I truly need to make this one our first image.
As for this book I must say it’s a cute one. You can find a frustrated Kageyama and a stupid/devil Hinata that can make the “King” “eat” in his hands.
I hope you like this cute as much as I did work on it (even if I was about to kick stuff due to some stuff), also thanks to all staff who worked in this one and super fast.
Enjoy our time reading this one, comments are more than appreciatedimage.

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