17 Jun 2018
[Manga] Given ch14
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Hello to everyone. How are you?
I hope everyone is alive and did not think we were dead. No, we are not dead! So today is BangAQUA’s 11th anniversary. Although I do not have that much releases aside this baby release! Life is a pain in the ass once you turn to the real life….sigh (working 12h a day is a pain in the as$).
Aside all this, I hope today you all have a great day and enjoy today’s release as much as I did work in this cute chapter! I love on Ueno can be such a child yet so damn cute to hug.
We all hope the story come to a good end.

Also I want to thank for the amazing team of DangerousPleasure, Shelisan and Starla. They are amazing for allow me to release it at a different time of them. Thank you girls for the amazing work.

Enjoy :)


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19 Feb 2018
[Manga] Futari Bocchi no Shokutaku ch05&05.5
Monday - 22:29 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Announce, Manga

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Chapter 05.5 (option 1 | option 2) || Online Reader

Hello everyone. Looooooooong time we don’t see each other.
Yes, since Christmas, I know. The reasons for all this time we were silent. Well I must say the main reason was I got super busy with work and other projects I’d in mind. I can say I’m finally licensed to drive. Now I need to buy a car (which is damn expensive since I can’t buy one as I want for a cheap price T-T).

Aside that, about the release. It’s with great pleasure I present you all the end of this super cute series where for some reason Kan-chan looks like Kuro from Haikyuu! Sorry but it’s what I see. So I can say the stories were super cute for the heart. Also the extra chapter, OMG, I wasn’t expecting that over cuteness heart explode.

Please enjoy today’s release. I hope to bring you all soon the chapter 14 of Given :D. Yes, the series aren’t dead as some may think.

Have a rest of a good week.

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26 Dec 2017
Merry Christmas 2017
Tuesday - 02:30 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Release

Hello everyone.
First of all I want to apologize for being late in this special date that some people celebrate. Today is Christmas, as for that I wish you all an amazing day.
Today I bring you all 2 chapters as I announced in twitter (yes, only there because my internet was being all shitty due to weather and just a couple of hours I could get a stable connection).
Here are they:

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Another chapter of this amazing series. I must say I do understand the concept and everything but I do need more and more of it. Just to have Zashiki-chan acting like that is not enough. But in this chapter we can get a bit more of progress so I think that is already something? Please enjoy this chapter. Hope soon there will be more (awaiting for Chara too arrive my home and so there’s a new chapter XD).

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First chapter of a 2 chapter series. Looks like this one will only be 2 chapter oneshot. I really want it to be more since the characters are so cute and already made me love them so much. Also there is another shoe fetish (?) series which looks like it’s kind on my mind for a long…! I can’t believe I got to work in a Ayumi Kano-sensei story and all because of my sweet friend, who I begged, translated it for me. Thank you so much chottohenkamo.


This concludes today’s releases. I do hope to bring you more soon since I’m in 4 days vacation from real life work. Please enjoy today’s special day with your family and everyone who are special to you.
Have a good Christmas day everyone.

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