26 Jan 2015
[Manga] Given ch 01
Monday - 21:57 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Release

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Hello! 3 days = 3 releases! Looks like BA is working hard right? Well…. not really? (now we will be back again to a silent week… ahahahah sorry XD).
Anyway today’s release! I can’t believe we got to release chapter 01 of the so wanted manga “Given” by Kizu Natsuki. I can’t believe so so happy. Also it was all thanks to the amazing staff in Dangerous Pleasure that we could bring this amazing chapter to the light (joint project)! I hope we can release chapter 02 soon… I’m like in a turmoil of feelings image
I hope you all will like this first chapter as I did while working. Comments and reviews are more then welcomed  image.
P.S – Soon as possible Dangerous Pleasure will edit their site with the release.

imageIMPORTANT NOTICE!! I would like to request to NOT update mangaupdates with the “Surprise” releases. It was updated this time but the awesome staff removed it. If I do see it again I will stop share it here. This is really important. Thanks a lot.

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26 Jan 2015
[Manga] Extrastrous ch 02
Monday - 06:00 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Release

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Yes! We did not forget about this manga. The reason it’s always so so so so so late it’s because easy chapter of this manga is insanely big and the amount of work needed is bigger. So please don’t think we are dropping this manga okay? We will just take our sweet time in this one (it requires a lot from the translator and the editors). So as chapter 02 is here will we be able to get another crack-funny chapter? I must say YESimage!!
Although this style of manga isn’t a manga most of the members read, please give it a try, it’s totally funny and the art is so beautiful, totally my love image(and actually the main reason I bought and pick this manga…)
As chapter 01, this chapter was able thank to canis-major. Thanks for working with us in this manga.
Enjoy today’s release.

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25 Jan 2015
[Unknown] Mysterious Release
Sunday - 16:14 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Release

sliderHello! I think this release is not mysterious anymore for those who follow us. But I want to continue saying it’s for the reason you all know image. Anyway I can’t believe we made another awesome reason of this series and I can say soon another chapter will be come….muuaahhh!
As for hint about the release please read this post . So this is for today… I hope today…later we can release another awesome chapter… but can’t promise. But tomorrow I know we will release so please stay tuned =D