[Manga] Ano ko to Juliet ch 03
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Hello everyone! I want to wish everyone an awesome YAOI DAY image. Yes today’s is the 801 day.
So to celebrate it we and yaoislife being you the most wanted chapter of Ano ko to Juliet series by Kojima Lalako.
Even though I’m super late (because of work and other stuff) they already released it so you may know it. BUT if you don’t then I’m all happy image.
So please enjoy the continuation of the love of the 2 kids from chapter 02.
Let us know what you prepare for today’s special day. Hee Hee. Enjoy this release.

I want to thank specially 2 members who helped us in revive our server (most one other links associated to the main host) because with their donation we could out back our site and others scanlation groups site online. So thanks to bc8831 (main donor) and caccssa. Now this month we have our host with no problems.


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Feiht | 08-01-2015 at 22:01 | Reply

Thank you very much for the new chapter:D

not.alynn | 09-01-2015 at 05:39 | Reply

So cute! Thanks so much and happy 801 day!

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maea | 09-01-2015 at 10:19 | Reply

thanks a lot for sharing…

13MMA | 09-01-2015 at 13:42 | Reply

Happy New Year!
Thanks for the fabulous release.

orquidea_negra1 | 09-01-2015 at 13:46 | Reply

Thank you so much.
Happy New Year!

Seichirou | 10-01-2015 at 15:22 | Reply

Thank you for all of your work!

inconnu | 11-01-2015 at 07:54 | Reply

Thank you for your work.

deamon1 | 12-01-2015 at 16:00 | Reply

Thank you very much for the new chapter!

cherry_lips347 | 14-01-2015 at 01:48 | Reply

(○・∀・)b  тндйк уoц゚・*:.。..。:*

dsysmith | 14-01-2015 at 18:22 | Reply

I dropped my thanks at YiL a moment ago. Thank you very much for sharing!!