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Hello! Today I bring you the long-awaited chapter 04 of this series! image Yes I know you all want to know more and more but we are trying to get the chapter as fast as we can (why does life don’t make me only work for bangaqua and give me money from it… sigh =x=). Okay leaving my whimper aside. In this chapter you will get all kind of emotions, from happiness to sadness as well to “pissed off” mood image. Yet, you will await for the next chapter to come. So for now enjoy this amazing release. Soon will be available as well in dangerous pleasure site.image

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By the way, could i ask about the Promise of Children? I’m really curious about how’s it going and when can we awaite the new chapter. I’m not complaining, no. Just curious. Shimaji is also one of my favs. ^_^

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