[Manga] Baka de Guzu wa Daikirai 07&08
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Yes I know we did not released for X’mas which I’m really sad but I really couldn’t make it. Still I’m here today to bring the last 2 chapter of “Baka de Guzu wa Daikirai”. I’m really happy we could finish another title and a cute one, don’t you think? image
So please enjoy it and I hope you have a good day! I don’t know what really I should say… oh…
Anyway I’ve another news, really important, yes, I’m giving an update in our future projects. It’s with great please I announce that BangAQUA will work in another Koizumi Kiyo work, “Gakusei Papa to Oishii Otoko” image it’s so far an ongoing manga and already has 4 chapters out. It’s being released in a digital magazine, which will make our scans release a little low in quality. But I do hope you all will like it. (come here in case you wanna grab the chapter 01 raw scans).
See you all in 2016 and hope for new and with full of penis… I mean fruits for this new year.
Oh! I want to thank everyone who support us and comment in all our releases.

P.S – The old links for the previous chapters will no longer be available since I will be replacing it for the batch version. Also soon I will delete the files from our online reader site.

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