[Manga] Tadaima Renai Kenshuuchuu! 04
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Hello! Look I did promised I would bring this series soon and here I’mimage! I know this took a lot and you probably are cursing me but like I always says, better later than neverimage.
This chapter is another oneshot with the old brother, Yamato, and a stalker. Please enjoy this chapter as much as I did. As for the next release to come in mind is a secret .
Also I’m here to bring some good news (?), so please if you are interested click in the “Reader More”.

So you keep to read more. Then allow me to provide already the good news.
Thanks to the new scanlation group momocha-scans we will be able to work in 2 new projects. One from our future list and other from their future projects. Which titles you may ask and they are “Stranger” by Kuku Hayate (from our list) and “Boku no Koufuku wo Shoukai Shimasu” by Rocky (from their list). I’m not sure when we will be working on it, since the main leader of the group is the solo translator and mainly staff. Still I want to help them and I do hope soon we will be work and more and more.

Now if you want to keep here is more information in more projects if you wanna give an update to yourself:
(projects I hope to finish soon and I will be working on, possibly by this order)

  1. Given (plan to release chapter 06 this week – still need to type)
    Chapter 07 was already sent to translator (although we will be waiting for the tank version which will be released at the end of this month).
  2. Strawberry Combat Chapter 03 – Need to clean&type
    This manga is a bit hard to me because we are using magazine scans and even though it’s HQ scans they aren’t that good to clean.
  3. Shisei Gokumon – Chapter 04 – Need ENG proof and so on
    We already have it translated but need to work on the other part that can take more time too. But let’s see if we can work on it.
  4. Monster Master – Not sure if I will be able to work on this title after Shisei but I will see if I can work due to other projects that may come in the end. Yet let’s see if I can do it. I know I’m letting this project be behind and more behind, but this chapters are huge (at least for me) but it will come to a day of light.

And this is all for today. Thanks for reading and let’s keep the hard work. More releases to come this week.

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Thanks a lot for the release and YAAAAYYY! FOR STRANGER! :D

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Thank you for sharing the release and the update on the projects. If you need an English proofer for Shisei Gokumon I’d be happy to help.

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Thank you very much for the new release and the updates on the other projects.

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I hope you have the strength to handle all the titles.
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What great news you’ve brought to us today! Looking forward to the new series with momocha scans. :) Seeing Given in the top of your list, I am more than satisfied! Since Given is my current favorite series, it’s more than welcome to see more sooner. :*) But it seems Monster Master’s future is looking gloom. It’s such a shame to push Takagi sensei’s work to the bottom… :*(
But, anyway, Amagi sensei’s work got attention– I’ll live with that. xD Thank you so much for the release and update!!