[Manga] Monster Master 04
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Hello! Yes yes yes yes yesimage! Believe it or not it’s the new chapter of Monster Master! Did you guess I would revive this baby? (probably you have read the comments in twitter/tumblr…lol).
Still I’m so happy to be able to bring this baby back to you! Now only 1 chapter missing and I promise to bring you a closure to this title soon.
Also I bring this baby as a present for BangAQUA’s 9th Anniversary. Yes…9 full yearsimage!
Tomorrow/Sunday I will bring a new title for all the readers! I couldn’t bring more today or so in order to congratulate BangAQUA anniversary yet I hope you all will like this weekend releases.
Enjoy image.

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maea | 18-06-2016 at 00:11 | Reply

yay!!~ thanks for reviving, for the hardwork and sharing…

Gaby | 18-06-2016 at 03:09 | Reply

Thanks so much!

Gaby | 18-06-2016 at 03:10 | Reply

And Happy Anniversary!!!

geooveygirl | 18-06-2016 at 03:37 | Reply

Thank you for reviving Monster Master
And thank you for all of the hard work
Happy 9th Anniversary!!!

Maleko | 18-06-2016 at 04:49 | Reply

Thank you so much!

Arashinoookami | 18-06-2016 at 04:52 | Reply


freres | 18-06-2016 at 05:16 | Reply

Thank you very much for all your hard work over these past nine years. Congratulations! Your work and dedication is very much appreciated.

It is very nice to see a new release for Monster Master. I’m looking forward to celebrating your Tenth anniversary.

olinatasha | 18-06-2016 at 05:18 | Reply

Thank you so much for bringing this to us. I’m so happy to hear that it will be finished soon. That’ll be yet another completed project under your belt! I can’t wait to see it.

Another anniversary is upon us, too! Wow! Already? It seems like just yesterday when you started, but it’s been an amazing 9 years that I am so thankful to have been a faithful follower. I hope to see you continue on for many more. You are amazing and so wonderful. I always appreciate your dedicated and diligent work, your generosity and personal sacrifice. Truly, for 9 years you have endured a lot and can be proud to say you are still here and doing well and strong. Kudos to you! You are so talented and devoted to both your work and to the beautiful art and stories created by great mangaka. I appreciate all of your efforts over the years. Please continue the mission to share great works with us and allow fans like myself to continue to follow and appreciate both your abilities and the amazing creative works of such talented artists and storytellers. *bows humbly* Thank you for everything! Happy Anniversary!

sparklefestival | 18-06-2016 at 06:12 | Reply

Thank you and Happy 9th Anniversary. I appreciate the dedication and hard work.

gwendelp | 18-06-2016 at 08:52 | Reply

wow so long 9 years… we were so young at this time lol
Thank you for this chapter !! and happy anniversary ! (today is my mum’s too !! it’s a very good date)

alenkaco | 18-06-2016 at 11:13 | Reply

Happy Anniversary! Thank you very much for the release!

Saya_Loveless | 18-06-2016 at 15:28 | Reply

Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for all the great releases you’ve given us throughout the years. Keep up the great work! Thanks for the new chapter!

Daelah | 18-06-2016 at 16:42 | Reply

Happy 9th Anniversary and thank you so much for all the wonderful treats that you’ve shared and will continue to share with us over the years.

buffywrestling | 18-06-2016 at 17:17 | Reply

Happy 9 th Anniversary, Hoka ^^ Thank you for your continuous efforts & for sharing them with us. They are very much appreciated ^^

deamon1 | 18-06-2016 at 17:31 | Reply

Happy 9th Anniversary and thank you very much for all your great and hard work!

orquidea_negra1 | 18-06-2016 at 17:37 | Reply

Happy 9th Anniversary!
Thank you very much for all the hard work.

phyrigia | 18-06-2016 at 18:55 | Reply

Happy Anniversary!
thank you so much!

Maute50 | 18-06-2016 at 19:20 | Reply

Thank you very much for the new chapter and all your work to share, I’m looking forward to read!!

Xi Jie | 18-06-2016 at 21:27 | Reply

Thank you! Happy anniversary!!

Usako | 19-06-2016 at 06:09 | Reply

Happy Anniversary!!!! Thanks a lot for all your hard, beautiful work all these years!

lou | 19-06-2016 at 06:27 | Reply

Congratulations on 9 wonderful years of scanlation goodness! Thanks for all you’ve done to bring so many lovely titles to us!

hinagiku | 19-06-2016 at 11:13 | Reply

Thanks for sharing! <3

Scully_Fuji | 19-06-2016 at 11:43 | Reply

Thank you <33

Cari | 19-06-2016 at 13:15 | Reply

yay thanks!!
Happy birthday

Paige V | 19-06-2016 at 17:37 | Reply

Thank you so much for your hard work <3
9 years is a very long time and you guys have made through all the hardships until now <3 not so many scans groups can make it though.
I hope you guys can last as long as you can to continue spreading the BL LOVE to the word <3 <3

yunghua | 20-06-2016 at 00:54 | Reply

thank you so much for your hard work
Happy 9TH Anniversary :)

Seichirou | 20-06-2016 at 15:46 | Reply

wow!! 9 years!! Happy Anniversary!! Wishes of many more!
Thank you for all of your work and for the treat! :D

dsysmith | 20-06-2016 at 17:02 | Reply

Did I miss the anni again?! No~~~~~ But I’m glad that I could drop a word though a bit late. Happy 9th anniversary!!! This is the perfect way to celebrate the occasion, I assure you. Thank you so much for bring it back!

mizuqueen | 20-06-2016 at 18:24 | Reply

thank you for the release. your hard work is much appreciated. until we meet again best wishes & regards.

phat008 | 20-06-2016 at 19:24 | Reply

♥Happy 9th Anniversary♥
Thank you for the updated release of Monster Master ^__^

ninigra | 20-06-2016 at 23:16 | Reply

Thank you so much for the new chapter of Monster Master and for all of your hard work!!! And Happy 9th Anniversary and to many more to come!!!

lune | 22-06-2016 at 23:59 | Reply

Thank you for the release!^^ finally its back^^

cats | 25-06-2016 at 04:46 | Reply

Happy belated 9th Anniversary!
And thank you very much for all the releases!

BigAl | 25-06-2016 at 06:16 | Reply

Whaaat no way! Thanks so much!

dsysmith | 06-07-2016 at 17:58 | Reply

Oh my, I totally missed the important anniversary while I was busy going in and out of the hospital!!! Happy way belated anniversary, guys!! Thank you so much for bringing this baby back and your promise of finishing it up! I am so thrilled we will finally see the end~

dsysmith | 06-07-2016 at 18:02 | Reply

My my.. I did have this… Because I couldn’t read, I forgot all about it!! I’m so disorganized and forgetful in this insane heat and humidity~ xD