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Hello! New chapter new life…or so I say image.
Today we bring you another amazing chapter of this baby series I consider as my own. Although I’ve some bad news… due to someone who is making this series I would like you all to know I’m seriously angry and pissed off. So I would like you all to please continue to follow our releases and keep with us for High Quality releases image. Because we always honor what we say and what we do is bring you all quality over quantity. We bring pleasure to all your senses. Those who keep stock together with us I do thank you from all my heart. Please enjoy today’s release image.
This project was able to come to light thanks to Dangerous Pleasure scanlation group. Be sure you go there to visit.

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Thank you so much for all the hard work.

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Thank you for the new release of Given chapter.

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thank you for the release. your hard work is much appreciated. until we meet again best wishes & regards.

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gwarp | 26-09-2016 at 06:32 | Reply

Thank you for this lovely update!

Sana | 26-09-2016 at 09:13 | Reply

Thank you very much for the new chapter!!~)
I saw an English version for chapter 8 before and thought I’ve missed your release, but it was someone else’s.. Still I was waiting for your scanlation :) Thank you very much for all your hard work!

HokaHoka | 26-09-2016 at 22:33 | Reply

Hello Sana. That is truly good to read. I want to thank you for waiting for our scanlation. This means a lot to me. After all this means members choose quality :)

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We seasoned fans know where the quality is, and are willing to wait for it.

HokaHoka | 26-09-2016 at 22:32 | Reply

Hello consterhk. Thank you very much for waiting for the quality. It’s truly appreciated.

Paige V | 26-09-2016 at 15:29 | Reply

Thank you so much for the new chapter <3 I'll always prefer good quality scanlation to the low ones <3

HokaHoka | 26-09-2016 at 22:17 | Reply

Hello Paige V. Thanks a lot for the support. It’s truly appreciated to know there are members who look over quality :).

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Hi Hoka-chan!
Thank you and DP very much for the hard work. Of course I will keep with your scanlation, it is always a pleasure to read your releases!

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Thank you very much for the new chapter and for your hard work! ♥

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greenjul | 02-10-2016 at 16:38 | Reply

I’m not sure I understand correctly your comment but I think your work is great, as also for Dangerous Pleasures, so I’ll wait for your releases.
Thank you for all you do.

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HokaHoka | 23-10-2016 at 21:16 | Reply

You’re welcome. We will do the best as we can to bring more and more love for you about this series. So please wait for our release. Hope you have a good time with this current chapter.

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HokaHoka | 23-10-2016 at 21:15 | Reply

You’re welcome. I love this series a lot too, so it’s awesome to know when members love it has much as we do.