[Manga] Ano ko to Juliet 04
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Hello everyone. Today I’m bring you all a dead series from us… I can’t believe since last release it passed more than 2 years! Still I want to let everyone know this project will be finished as soon as possible since we already have the translation ’till the last chapter. So please await a bit more image.

As for some already know “Ano ko to Juliet” tank version is a collection of oneshots. This story “The funeral ceremony of love letters” is one of this oneshots. I must say this one is really sad because it’s like there is no chance at all for any of the characters to be happy. It’s a tragic series and all contained in 2 chapters. Please read this story with an open mind. Even though it’s a sad story the end can be somehow happyimage.

This is all for today’s. Sorry we are bringing you the series slowly. As we are still recruiting staff, specially for edit & dust/noise clean, this chapter was able to come faster thanks to the help of a Spanish scanlation group staff who is a super nice person who listen to my selfish requests. Thanks a lot Dagger Til for all the help image

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wah it’s up again!! thank you so much! your effort i really appreciate it! thanks too for spanish group for the help. i wish i can help, but me too still learing about cleaning, it’s really took a long time for me to clean 1 page! T^T i am newbie afterall

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Is there any way you can avoid using adfly? I have adblock installed because of my fear of adware cookies/viruses/trojans on my computer, and adfly no longer allows users with adblock installed to access the download link. Sorry to ask this, I know you work hard and want to be compensated, but this is such a hindrance. Maybe allow two links – one with adfly and one without for those unable to access adfly?