[Manga] Stranger ch04 & 10th Anniversary
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Hello everyone! How are you?
As you can see on the day 17th June BangAQUA turned 10 years old! I know I didn’t come yesterday because I was awaiting for some stuff and to be able to release something, but in the end I didn’t get it and I couldn’t release it. But today thanks to my amazing staff/friends I can at least bring you one release. Aside that a bit, I can’t believe BangAQUA is 10 years. I can’t image what and how 10 years passed by image. I still remember cleaning the first project I’ve done with my 2 friends! It was a Sailor moon one and a shoujo! LOL me!
So to everyone who follow us, even though we are now so little in releases and in staff. Thank you for all these years and for the amazing moments!

Now for the main event you all are awaiting for! The chapter 04 of the series “Stranger”. I must say I can’t believe they finally have a sex scene in the manga, 5 chapters and just some pages. Yet I must say… IT’S THE MOST HOT AND SWEET PAGES!!!!image

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Also there is only one more chapter for us to finish another series from this amazing mangaka. I want to say I will work in more of her (I actually have 2 tanko in my list). As for that please join out team, we are looking for Japanese-English Translators and cleaners/editors. I really need help (being alone in this department is way too much).
Thank you all and have an amazing week aheadimage.

P.S – I’ll be soon making an update in our tumblr page about the project status and other information. Please follow us there in case you wanna more information (http://bangaqua.tumblr.com/).

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lochnessasaur | 19-06-2017 at 00:10 | Reply

Thank you and happy anniversary!!

Gaby | 19-06-2017 at 00:13 | Reply

Happy Anniversary! Thanks so much for all these years of great BL! And wow thanks a lot for the release, I love this mangaka, it makes me happy that you will work on more of her works :D

FernandaCibrian | 19-06-2017 at 00:48 | Reply

Happy anniversary ??? and thank you for your hard work all these years ?

freres | 19-06-2017 at 03:13 | Reply

Congratulations on ten years! Your hard work and dedication over the years is very much appreciated.

Thanks for today’s release as well.

lou | 19-06-2017 at 03:29 | Reply

So many wonderful manga you’ve worked on over the years! Thank you very much for all the reading pleasure they’ve provided. It’s wonderful to see that you still active, with so many groups closing. Congratulations on your anniversary – I hope there are many more.

tokkei12 | 19-06-2017 at 03:34 | Reply

Happy anniversary! Thank you for this chapter and also for all of your hard work these past ten years!

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Maleko | 19-06-2017 at 03:56 | Reply


znanoz | 19-06-2017 at 05:27 | Reply

Happy 10th anniversary!

Witch-Mage | 19-06-2017 at 05:56 | Reply

Wow. 10 years is no mean feat! I’ve only been reading manga for 7. Happy Anniversary, and here’s to many more for BangAQUA!

And thanks for Stranger!

Lint | 19-06-2017 at 06:24 | Reply

Aw, Happy 10th Anniversary to you guys! I can’t believe you’ve been around that long, but it speaks to your dedication that you’ve continued to produce scanlations for all this time. Thank you for everything you’ve contributed and for bringing BL to all of us. Here’s to many more to ya’ll and thanks again for the lovely release!

sparklefestival | 19-06-2017 at 07:05 | Reply

Happy 10th anniversary! Thank you for all of great work done over a decade!

angua | 19-06-2017 at 08:51 | Reply

.·:*¨¨*:·.☆Happy Anniversary!☆.·:*¨¨*:·.

A decade! Time sure flies!
Thank you very much for hard work over years!
Thank you very much for today’s release! ^^

Kairiucci | 19-06-2017 at 08:53 | Reply

Happy 10th anniversary!! Thank you so much for your hard work!!

phyrigia | 19-06-2017 at 09:19 | Reply

Happy Anniversary!
thank you so much for the hardwork and dedication!

Arashinoookami | 19-06-2017 at 09:55 | Reply

Thankyou, and happy anniversary!

ravine2000 | 19-06-2017 at 11:14 | Reply

Happy 10th Anniversary

Thank you for so many great projects over the years.

StephyneeC | 19-06-2017 at 11:20 | Reply

Happy 10th Anniversary!!! May you have many more years to come!!! I’m sorry that I hardly comment on the releases but I’m always thankful for every release that is put out by Bangaqua.

T Grove | 19-06-2017 at 13:04 | Reply

Happy 10th Anniversary!! Thank you for all of the years of hard work that you have done over the past 10 years.

Daelah | 19-06-2017 at 14:19 | Reply

Thank you so much for the release and Happy 10th Anniversary! XD

Gala | 19-06-2017 at 15:00 | Reply

Thanks for sharing and Happy 10th Anniversary! ^_^

Sana | 19-06-2017 at 15:07 | Reply

~*~ Happy 10th Anniversary ~*~
I seriously can’t believe it was such a long time already… O__o Time passed in a flash…
Thank you very much for all your awesome work and all the releases during those years!!

Seichirou | 19-06-2017 at 15:10 | Reply

Happy Anniversary!!
All the best!!!
Thank you for all of your work!

cats | 19-06-2017 at 15:27 | Reply

Happy 10th Anniversary!
And thank you so much for the releases and all your hard work!

orquidea_negra1 | 19-06-2017 at 15:35 | Reply

Happy 10th Anniversary!
Thank you so much for all the wonderful work.

Paige V | 19-06-2017 at 15:52 | Reply

Thank you so much for your hard work <3

olinatasha | 19-06-2017 at 15:57 | Reply

Thank you so very much for 10 years of awesome projects! I appreciate all of your hard work and personal sacrifice. Thank you for being so generous with your time and your projects. I greatly appreciate all you do and wish you and your team all of the best for many years to come. Happy Anniversary and Congrats on 10 years of scanlation!!!! That is a major milestone and a lot to be proud of!!!! Thank you again for everything! *hugs*

ninigra | 19-06-2017 at 16:19 | Reply

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work and all the joy you gave us!!! And THANK YOU so much for “Stranger” and any other of Kuku Hayate sensei’s work!

angelstars | 19-06-2017 at 16:30 | Reply

Thank you for all your hard work! Happy Anniversary!!! <33333

alenkaco | 19-06-2017 at 16:43 | Reply

Happy Anniversary! Thanks a lot for the release!

Maute50 | 19-06-2017 at 16:55 | Reply

Thank you very much for your hard work and todays new chapter, I’m really looking forward to read!!

I wish you a VERY HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY!!

buffywrestling | 19-06-2017 at 17:24 | Reply

Happy Anniversary Hoka & the bang staff!! Thank you for the hard work over 10 amazing years ^^

rmonj | 19-06-2017 at 18:13 | Reply

Thank you very much and congratulations on your 10th Anniversary!!

Idapac | 19-06-2017 at 19:07 | Reply

Happy anniversary! Thank you for the theses 10 years your group have been doing this, your work is much appreciated! ?

deamon1 | 19-06-2017 at 19:38 | Reply

? Happy 10th Anniversary! ?
Thank you very much for all your wonderful and hard work! ?

isravil | 19-06-2017 at 20:32 | Reply

Happy Anniversary!! ^_^
Thank you so much for your hard work! :)

Chii-chan | 19-06-2017 at 21:24 | Reply

Oh my! Happy Anniversary!!
Thank you very much for the release!! <3

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Happy 10th Anniversary!!!!!!!

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Happy 10th Anniversary! Thank you so much for the release!

Xi Jie | 19-06-2017 at 22:49 | Reply

Thank you very much!! Happy decade!!

bolabulu | 20-06-2017 at 01:06 | Reply

wow! Happy 10th Anniversary!!! :-)
Thank you so much! <3

Usako | 20-06-2017 at 01:43 | Reply

Happy 10th Anniversary!!!!!!
And thanks a lot for the wonderful releases and all your hard work!

laketica | 20-06-2017 at 03:08 | Reply

happy anniversary =D thank you for the release!

yuuro | 20-06-2017 at 04:35 | Reply

Happy 10th anniversary…you’ve come along way!!!!

mizuqueen | 20-06-2017 at 04:42 | Reply

thank you for the release. your hard work is much appreciated. until we meet again best wishes & regards.

gwarp | 20-06-2017 at 11:18 | Reply

Happy 10th anniversary~~
Thank you for all your hard work in bringing those awesome comics to us!
Long live!

springlovingmomoko | 20-06-2017 at 20:40 | Reply

Happy 10th Anniversary!!! I wish you many more great mangas, fulfilled dreams, faithful fans and happy endings! Thank you for your hard work and released stories and joyed yaoi-lovers over these 10 years!

Kumiko | 20-06-2017 at 23:54 | Reply

Happy 10th Anniversary \(^3^)/

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Happy Anni!!! Thanks for all the years of great works!

gehageha | 21-06-2017 at 10:30 | Reply

happy anniversary! long live bangaqua!! banzai!!!
I’m very grateful for your existence, thank you for these past journey, thank you for introduce us to very great works, amazing mangakas, thank you!!

yasu-miko | 21-06-2017 at 19:13 | Reply

Happy 10th Anniversary!!
Time does fly.
Thank you so very much for everything up ’till now and may there be still more to cume. ^^

dsysmith | 22-06-2017 at 03:56 | Reply

Happy 10th Anniversary!!!! Your surviving this long decade means a lot to us fangirls. Thank you so much for being here for all of us and please continue to spread the love~~ <3

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Thank you and happy 10th anniversary!

lune | 04-07-2017 at 16:28 | Reply

Happy 10th Anniversary to you guys!^^ best wishes & more years to come!^^

Thank you for the release & the past releases!^^ Happy Anni to all!^^

echizen_patrice | 10-07-2017 at 13:33 | Reply

this is a super late greeting but happy anniversary! more power to the team :)