[Manga] Tonari no Utsukushii Hito ch01
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Hello everyone! Another day passed another release complete. I can’t believe we are making a roll for chapters now. Although at the moment I’ve no more (now back to square zero and back to hard work…more clean OAO).
Anyway today’s release is another title series picked by us. I truly want to say I’m super happy I can bring you a story by Kamon Saeko. Not only she’s one of my favorite mangaka/artist this story is super cute and fluffy. As some may know Kamon Saeko is well-known for her smut scenes full of expression. But in this one she simply make your heart bump for the innocent and lovely scenes from two guys falling deeply in love. I truly recommend this story. Although it’s a cliché series, I feel super happy with this one.
Enjoy today’s release and have an amazing Thursday.
See you all soon :)

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Unfortunately for some reason i cannot download this? Anyone else having the same problems?

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