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Hello everyone, how have you been today? First with this post I want to apologize for the super late release into this chapter. The main motive is complications and other stuff with both groups. As you may have noticed in their site there are no news from them since January but they are active and everyone know it since well they keep at least talking with our group. Also with us because we lack the staff but in the past weeks we have so many amazing people coming to us offering their help that we are releasing now more times than it was normal. So I do want to thank everyone. Also I want to thank everyone who wished me luck in my drive lessons. So far it’s going okay but I’m a failure when it come to real drive (2 lessons and I’ve yet to understand how to make the feet work in all the stuff >,<). Either way I want to everyone enjoy this amazing chapter. It’s the chapter 12 or chapter 01 of volume 03. If you have questions or so please let me know by commenting below.
Have an amazing Saturday folks! ♥

P.S – If you want to read the status of the projects please click in “Read more”.

So as some members aren’t fan of tumblr or simply prefer to read the updates here, please read the following updates list of projects :)

Futari botchi no Shokutaku
All manga is fully translated. I’ll try to come to release this baby as soon as possible but I cannot provide a full volume release, so I will keep with the chapter release time at time. So I do hope you all can understand and await a little but more.

Shichakushitsu no Midara na Shinshi
At the moment cleaning chapter 02. These scans are taking me more time due to re-draw and uncensoring pages which I’m no good and asked for another staff group help. So please do understand. Also chapter 03 is already given to the staff translate it so I can say +/- at the end of September we will have a new chapter. But more updates will be added.

Renai Game
Chapter 01+02 are being proofreaded but I cannot say when we will start the clean and type of the scans since at the moment all the staff is currently working in other projects.

Libre Premium 2011 extras
We are working in 3 extras of these anthology book. One from Naono Holics, one from Ike Reibun (extra from Not Equal) and last one from Yonezou Nekota.

Maybe, Love
Doujinshi from the fandom Yuri On Ice!!! by the artist TEC. We decided to make this one because, first the artist is awesome and I know her specially for my T&B collection (yummy). At the moment it’s being translated. Hope we will all see it soon =D.

Hinata no youkyu ga tsurai
Doujinshi from the fandom Haikyuu! by the artist Kabozu (circle: Zeroshiki). Yep, I did not give up in this artist and I still collect her art! As for that we decided to work in this super cute and fluffy doujinshi. I must say I’m a tender heart when it comes to fluffy doujinshis. At the moment it’s being translated as well.

Zashikiwarashi ga dete iku Sodesu
New series from Komizu Kiyo and it’s being serialized in Chara Bimonthly magazine. Chapter 01 is already being translated and cleaned. So we do hope we can work in this baby as soon as there is a chapter out? We will try to accompany the magazine release with English release.

Kimi ni Furu Tegami no Hanashi
Chapter 01 is fully JPN proofread. We will work in this one as soon as we have free staff. This is a sweet and fluffy shonen-ai story where your heart can simply be squeezed from the sweet actions of the characters. Yes, I truly love this cute manga.

Gakusei Papa to Oishii Otoko
There is no updates because there is still some stuff we need to fix. Also we will re-release chapter 01 since we released using digital scans and not the scans from the tanko version. Please understand why we are still in hiatus with this chapter.

All I can say at the moment is chapter 05 is being translated and soon will be given to us. More than that I cannot provide. But I will make more updates as soon as I know. Also once we have the translation we will give priority to this one since it’s the last chapter and everyone is awaiting for the final ^w^/.

The following projects were picked by us and we will work on it as well:

Also I think this is the status of the projects we are working at the moment. If there is something you would like to ask please let us know.
Have an amazing day =D.

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Thank you, I love those guys in Given so much! I hope that Dangerous Pleasure will be back soon, they were Mother of yaoi community for years and it would be shame to just disappear. Also, good luck with your driving, and don’t worry, you will be excellent in no time :)

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everyone is bad at the beginning but it gets better! you will see!! Good luck!!

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Thank you for the chapter as well as the update on DP.

On the driving, all I can say, is it is like music or even learning Photoshop. Practice, practice, practice. Keep at it and all of a sudden what seemed like something you’d never get the hang of finally ‘clicks,’ and it is now in your muscle memory and now you just have to think, “I want to go,” or “I want to stop,” and your body automatically starts the process without you having to think about moving your feet or hands, they just _do_.

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