[Manga] Futari Bocchi no Shokutaku ch03
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Hello! How are you all today? Sorry for the lack of releases this past couple of weeks. I went back to work and other stuff. It’s being a chaos and this may sound as an excuse but it’s the truth.
Anyway here is the last chapter of the first story of this book. For all those who thought it will be a bad ending do not worry. The outcome is a fluffy, warm and cute. So please enjoy today’s release. I must say this one was a flashy one! I finished the clean and done all type today + lazing around as well (which I do think I deserve after a rough week of work).
Please enjoy. I will try my best to bring you all another title chapter tomorrow but I cannot promise.

Also, other news. I decided to make a discord channel for everyone who wanna have fun. Link HERE. Also there is a special place for BangAQUA staff. I will e-mail everyone as soon as possible, but if you are reading this, please message me there so I can add your role title and enter in our channel. Non-staff members have access to our #livestream and #random channels which you can talk about anything (mostly for random channel, livestream is where you can comments about our lives). AND… I’ve made as well a twitch page to, link HERE. This page is where I will make all the livestreams. The next one will be on 10th September probably around 3-4PM, more info will be added in twitter or in tumblr.

Have a nice day everyone.

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