[Manga] Zashikiwarashi ga dete iku Sodesu CH01
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Hello everyone! How are you? Yes, yes, yes, I know we are super later and I didn’t release anything… but please don’t kill me? This time I bring you another title (ahahah, yes another…|_-。) ) from the amazing Komizu Kiyo sensei which made the series “Baka de Guzu wa Daikirai” as some may already read (if you did not, you can get the full volume scanlated from us).

As some may already noticed I love this artist to the core once I read from the first time the series “Karada Meate de Warui ka” and then an all new world came to me. So please I hope you like this new series from her, because she made my favorite style, supernatural. Also it’s an ongoing series with only 2 chapters done so far. We already have chapter 02 translated and cleaned, at the moment it’s in English proofread. As for that I do hope you all can wait a bit more.

I specially want to thank Weiss for make the Japanese Proofread super fast (2h while we talked on skype ꉂ (′̤ॢ∀ ू‵̤๑))ˉ̞̭♡) and another super special thank to the cleaner who is new to the team and works specially in this series, Veta Pant ♡♡+.゚(→ε←*)゚+.゚.

Please enjoy today’s release and please allow me to know what do you think of the series.

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22 Comment at “[Manga] Zashikiwarashi ga dete iku Sodesu CH01”

Maddy06 | 08-10-2017 at 22:05 | Reply

Thank you so much for letting us discover this new series ! Thanks for the hard work!

Gaby | 08-10-2017 at 23:33 | Reply

Thanks so much!

mizuqueen | 09-10-2017 at 00:26 | Reply

thank you for the release. your hard work is much appreciated. until we meet again best wishes & regards.

daelah | 09-10-2017 at 01:04 | Reply

Thank you so much for the new treat!

cats | 09-10-2017 at 01:37 | Reply

Thank you very much for the new release!

freres | 09-10-2017 at 03:26 | Reply

Thank you very much!

Maleko | 09-10-2017 at 04:31 | Reply

Thank you so much. Excited with this new project :D

tokkei12 | 09-10-2017 at 05:55 | Reply

Thank you so much!

daria | 09-10-2017 at 05:58 | Reply

komizu kiyo is one of my fav mangaka with Kanashii Doubutsu being one of my all-time faves :) thanks for this, you guys… keep up the great work!

heill | 09-10-2017 at 07:48 | Reply

Thank you so much!!

phyrigia | 09-10-2017 at 08:30 | Reply

thank you so much!

Arashinoookami | 09-10-2017 at 09:20 | Reply


orquidea_negra1 | 09-10-2017 at 10:34 | Reply

Thank you so much for all the hard work.

Maute50 | 09-10-2017 at 12:15 | Reply

Thank you very much for your hard work to share the 1st chapter, I’m really curious to read!!

Xi Jie | 09-10-2017 at 12:17 | Reply

Thank you very much!

Saya_Loveless | 09-10-2017 at 15:41 | Reply

Thanks for the release, but the link doesn’t take me to anything to download.

Paige V | 09-10-2017 at 15:48 | Reply

Thank you very much for the new release XD

rmonj | 09-10-2017 at 19:04 | Reply

Thank you very much!! ^^

Seichirou | 10-10-2017 at 16:25 | Reply

oh!! I love this mangaka!!
Karada Meate de Warui ka is one of my all time favorites! I am looking forward to this!
Thank you for all of your work!

dsysmith | 14-10-2017 at 21:10 | Reply

Thank you so much for the new series by Komizu sensei!!!! Looking forward to the continuation~ <3

newark49 | 16-10-2017 at 13:42 | Reply

I’m really curious about how the story will develop! Thank you very much ~

Lint | 19-10-2017 at 06:05 | Reply

Thanks so much for the new release!

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