[Manga] Futari Bocchi no Shokutaku ch04
Sunday, 10 de December de 2017 - 22:48 - Em: Manga, Release


Hello everyone! Finally another release! Yes I know folks I start every time like this, but I think it’s already a part of me? Anyway, today’s release was so amazing yet so fun. Amazing because I want to thank everyone on twitter who helped me and are super cute. I want as well to thank the new translator, Vis, who helped in a missing translation page m(_ _ )m. Even though she applied today I already requested for her help, yes I’m a bad person.
About this chapter, it’s a side/oneshot series called “Sayonara Hero”. It has a total of 2 chapters, so there’s only 1 more and we’ll be done with this series. It’s super cute story about childhood friends where one of them has deeper feelings than friendship. I do hope you all like the first part. I’ll be awaiting for feedback, as always.
Enjoy today’s release, with luck, if I don’t get too lazy or into my cold (yes I got a cold, my nose don’t stop…you know). Have a good day everyone.

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