[Manga] Given ch14
Sunday, 17 de June de 2018 - 18:14 - Em: Manga, Release


Hello to everyone. How are you?

I hope everyone is alive and did not think we were dead. No, we are not dead! So today is BangAQUA’s 11th anniversary. Although I do not have that much releases aside this baby release! Life is a pain in the ass once you turn to the real life….sigh (working 12h a day is a pain in the as$). Aside all this, I hope today you all have a great day and enjoy today’s release as much as I did work in this cute chapter! I love on Ueno can be such a child yet so damn cute to hug. We all hope the story come to a good end.

Also I want to thank for the amazing team of DangerousPleasure, Shelisan and Starla. They are amazing for allow me to release it at a different time of them. Thank you girls for the amazing work.

Enjoy :)

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2 Comment at “[Manga] Given ch14”

gwarp | 24-08-2019 at 18:51 | Reply

Thank you for sharing this treat in the middle of your busy days!

cinyuzulys | 26-08-2019 at 19:03 | Reply

Congratulations on your 11th Anniversary and thank you very much for this release!!! (~˘▾˘)~