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Heeeelooooo readers, it’s with great pleasure I bring you all the chapter 02 of the series “Melancholic Spiral” ヽ( ̄ω ̄( ̄ω ̄〃)ゝ.
I must say it was all possible to the amazing staff that worked together with me and as well still endures me despite all my stupid moments. As for that my greatest thanks.
I want as well give a special thanks for the staff who beautifully redraw/uncensored this chapter. I’m so happy that the staff applied to make this work (♥ω♥ ) ~♪. It felt so good.

Neither way, please enjoy this new chapter, where I must say the next ones may have drama and some sorrow moments.
Let’s await for the next chapter to come out in Japan ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ.
Have a nice day everyone.

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20 Comment at “[Manga] Melancholic Spiral Ch02”

mizuqueen | 08-01-2020 at 07:00 | Reply

thank you for the release. your hard work is much appreciated.

gwarp | 08-01-2020 at 15:19 | Reply

Thank you!

phyrigia | 08-01-2020 at 16:37 | Reply

thank you so much!

maddy06 | 08-01-2020 at 22:30 | Reply

Thank you so much for this release !

deamon1 | 09-01-2020 at 16:36 | Reply

Thank you very much for the new chapter and for your hard work!

samira01 | 11-01-2020 at 03:32 | Reply

Thank you very much for the new release chapter and all the goodies

samira01 | 11-01-2020 at 03:44 | Reply

I’m sorry but is it me but I’m unable to read nor download the new release???

HokaHoka | 11-01-2020 at 17:44 | Reply

So far there’s no problem and I’ve tested it again. Care to please post/e-mail me with the error it gives you?
Thank you.

Rinori | 12-01-2020 at 06:58 | Reply

Dear Bangaqua, I also could not access the downloaded file. When I tried to open the file which I have downloaded, It said, the file is damaged (something like that) thus I could not open it to extract it. I hope you can fix it. Thanks and regards

HokaHoka | 12-01-2020 at 18:46 | Reply

Added a new link for download. Please check it now. If it doesn’t work, I do not think the problem is in our end. Still please allow me to know if there’s anything not working.

xanthenicole | 13-01-2020 at 00:58 | Reply

Try right clicking the link and open in a new tab. I think part of the problem might also be that this ouo press uses a lot of invasive ads that pop up or open new tabs or windows with more invasive ads. My antivirus software works overtime and blocks or isolates most of them warning of malware, adware, trojans, spyware, etc. It really uses so many nasty ads. Perhaps it’s not ouo.press that’s responsible for the ads, but maybe you’re using a different ad service to raise funds that is somehow linked to the link on ouo press? Whatever it is, this may be why some people have trouble opening the link. I know I always have trouble with these links. Sometimes I have to click 6 to 12 times, each opening a new tab/window/pop up ad that my antivirus software blocks with a big red alert for nasties trying to attack my PC, before the file actually starts downloading. Today I only clicked 4 times, but that really isn’t the norm for me. Sometimes my antivirus software will even prevent my opening the downloaded file saying it’s infected as well–not always, but sometimes. I am just thankful I have some pretty good antivirus software.

All that business aside, though, thank you so much for the new chapter! *hugs*

HokaHoka | 29-01-2020 at 20:29 | Reply

I’m truly sorry about this, even though the “money” that comes from the add service is small it’s all I get to buy the server and everything. So I do hope you can understand all this. Either way I would like to ask if you can and tell me if it still happens when you use this one for sample: https://shrinkme.io/yJrq0kdW
Does it?

red | 13-01-2020 at 03:29 | Reply

Thank you so much!

Maute50 | 13-01-2020 at 19:37 | Reply

Thank you very much for your hard work and the 2nd chapter, I’m looking forward to read!!

Karuna | 22-01-2020 at 21:05 | Reply

Thank you very much!

Seichirou | 29-01-2020 at 15:26 | Reply

Thank you for all of your work!
I am sorry to bother you but I too have been unable to download the lastest releases…the ouo.io website…I don’t know why but my antivirus won’t let me download and the only time I tried the file was not good and I had to clean my pc with antivirus…

HokaHoka | 29-01-2020 at 20:28 | Reply

Hello, care to please allow me to know if you use this one there’s no problem? https://shrinkme.io/yJrq0kdW.
I’m trying to make a test and now which one works. Thanks a lot.

Seichirou | 20-02-2020 at 14:50 | Reply

sorry for the late reply but I am not online as much as I want to…
this one seems to give me no problem…but I can only say for sure when I download something…

Lri5 | 03-02-2020 at 15:09 | Reply

Hello, thank you for your hard work! I am actually one of your fans who have read your scanlation and raw in your livejournal. In particular, I am very interested in the raw of “Korogari Ochite Ame to Uchi” by Go Mouriki that you made available in the livejournal. However, I could not find other chapters beside Chapter 4 and 5. Would you mind informing me where I can the next chapters? Appreciate your assistance :)

HokaHoka | 03-02-2020 at 19:07 | Reply

Thank you very much for the comment. Although I would like to ask you to be sure you make the comments of the series provided and not about the raws I post. There’s a place for it (livejournal or e-mail). However to answer you, no I do not have the rest of the series. I just bought twice the magazines and mostly because there was a discount in the site I normally buy the stuff.

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