25 Mar 2017
[Manga] Given 11 & Extra + Drama CD V1 Booklet
Saturday - 23:46 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Release

Chapter 11 | Chapter 11.5 (extra) | Drama CD V1 Booklet
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Hello everyone!
Now we are not dead even though most of the members have been e-mailing me for some reasonimage.
Also no we are not given up the series “Given” in fact we are now bringing you this amazing chapters for you. Of course this was only possible due to the amazing help of Dangerous Pleasure staff team, a special thanks to them. Also I want to thank and give a huge hug to the translator who is being super nice to me and making this fast translations for us. Really, thank you so so so so much Akui Chansera image.

This is all for today. I will try bring another release tomorrow but since I need to make some “Office Work” I don’t know if I can finish it on time, so I cannot promise. Anyway, enjoy today’s release and have good weekend image.

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19 Feb 2017
[Manga] Ano ko to Juliet 04
Sunday - 21:21 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Release


Hello everyone. Today I’m bring you all a dead series from us… I can’t believe since last release it passed more than 2 years! Still I want to let everyone know this project will be finished as soon as possible since we already have the translation ’till the last chapter. So please await a bit more image.

As for some already know “Ano ko to Juliet” tank version is a collection of oneshots. This story “The funeral ceremony of love letters” is one of this oneshots. I must say this one is really sad because it’s like there is no chance at all for any of the characters to be happy. It’s a tragic series and all contained in 2 chapters. Please read this story with an open mind. Even though it’s a sad story the end can be somehow happyimage.

This is all for today’s. Sorry we are bringing you the series slowly. As we are still recruiting staff, specially for edit & dust/noise clean, this chapter was able to come faster thanks to the help of a Spanish scanlation group staff who is a super nice person who listen to my selfish requests. Thanks a lot Dagger Til for all the help image

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04 Feb 2017
[Manga] Strawberry Combat 06
Saturday - 19:47 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Release

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Hello! Long time we don’t post anything as well I’ve not giving news right? I know you thought BangAQUA was dead. Come on tell me the truth…! Well I know this is always the same excuse and so on, but believe me a group with all the staff is having a real life work it’s quite distressing and the time we have to work in releases is less and less. Even thought I do want to emerge my sorrows in yummy yaoi. Still please understand.image

Aside the bad and depressing me. I’m here today to being you the last chapter of the series “Strawberry Combat” I can’t believe this baby only has 6 chapters. It feels like we and Naono Holics started the series just yesterday and one year and half already passed (we started at November 2014!!image). So I do hope the ending of the series are to everyone liking because for a moment I really wanted to push my hairs and stop my tears from falling. Now we will await for the tank version to come out. I also want to specially thank the Naono Holics group for always being so nice to us and to keep working with us.image
Please enjoy today’s release.

P.S – For those who want to know more about the status of the projects and so on, please stay tuned at our tumblr page. I will post there an update post soon :).

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