26 Dec 2016
Merry X-Mas and [Manga] Given ch09 & ch10
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Hello everyone. How are you all. I know I’m almost over the X-Mas day in some countries, yet in others it’s still on time but here I go with today Christmas present of all BangAQUA Staff member. But first before I give you the presents here is a small message.

Merry Christmas to all members & readers of BangAQUA and those who support us. I hope you day and everyone is having one of a blast day and that you can be close to those you are dear to you. But if you couldn’t get the best day you wanted, do not worry, because you are important to us and we all hope you can be together with us. Have a great Christmas day :D.

Now for the release:

Download Chapter 09 || Online Reader Chapter 09
Download Chapter 10 || Online Reader Chapter 10

I hope you all like the series as much as I do. I want to thank the Dangerous Pleasure staff team who let me share this in Christmas. I’m seriously in love with these 4 members who simply are cute and know how to make your heart go “ba-thump” with just some few words or expressions image. I do hope we soon can bring you more and more love.
Please enjoy today’s release. With luck I will bring you more tomorrow/today. See you all next time image

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30 Nov 2016
[Manga] Stranger ch03
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Hello everyone…after one month with no releases here I’m again to provide you a new title (yes a new title…I’m so damn stupid I know…)image.
Still those who have been waiting for the continuation of this amazing series here is a new chapter.
I would like to thanks Echochi Scans who unfortunately disbanded since 2014 (?). I hope everyone is happy that someone started to work in this title. At least I’m image. Enjoy today’s release.

Also I want to take the opportunity to post some updates. I really want people to read it:

  • BangAQUA will NO LONGER accept requests to re-translations. People continue to not follow our rules and so for that reason I will ignore all the e-mails requesting for re-translations. Those who are re-translation ongoing projects or I’ve promised titles, those please continue. I did promised after all and I do keep my promises.
  • BangAQUA is under a seriously lack of staff. People who has previously applied did not come back or simply never reported back after I provide work. As for that we are in super hyper mega need to staff. These are the positions we need help the most:

read more

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23 Oct 2016
[Manga] Shisei Gokumon ch04a
Sunday - 21:08 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Release

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Hello everyone. Look what is finally back to BangAQUA’s releases. Yes we are finally back in track with this baby title. I can’t believe I let it be on hiatus for so long. With this chapter we have another sweet story between the Nº1 Host Guy and a common worker with 40 years old.
I must I love when we get age gape between the seme and the uke, it’s so damn cute image.
Anyway I hope with this release we are forgiven for being so late. I hope soon I can bring the last chapter of this series. So please enjoy your time with this releaseimage.

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