16 Oct 2016
[Manga] Strawberry Combat 05
Sunday - 17:32 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Release

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Hello everyone, how are you in this lovely and cold Sunday?
I hope you are good. Today I bring you another release of the awesome story “Strawberry Combat”. I must say this chapter is so damn cute. They finally got to do it. I’m so so so happy image.Although I need to say the end of this chapter will leave you in a total abyss…
Aside bad news (?) please enjoy today’s release. This release was brought to you with the amazing team naonoholicsimage.

P.S – I know BangAQUA is a slow scanlation group if you compare with another solo/scanlation groups, but as we state in our presentation, we search for high quality releases and as for that we do take longer. So I do hope you all can understand. Thank you for those who follow us.

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26 Sep 2016
[Manga] Monster Master 05+extras
Monday - 23:08 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Release


Hello everyone! Believe it or not… WE MADE FINALLY THE LAST CHAPTER OF THE SERIES image. Yes after so long we came to another finished series. I just can’t believe we made it. The last chapter is a total no need for it but looks like Takagi Ryo-sensei wanted to make the pairing have another sex scene and as well introduce Sena-san’s family. Which I’m not surprised is related to Kirepapa. Looks like the family is quite big image.
So I hope you enjoy today’s release and have a good time.
Again I want to apologize for the wait to complete this series and for not giving up on it image.
P.S – To all the members who comment in ‘Given’ release to support us. Thank you very much.

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25 Sep 2016
[Manga] Given 08
Sunday - 13:00 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Release

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Hello! New chapter new life…or so I say image.
Today we bring you another amazing chapter of this baby series I consider as my own. Although I’ve some bad news… due to someone who is making this series I would like you all to know I’m seriously angry and pissed off. So I would like you all to please continue to follow our releases and keep with us for High Quality releases image. Because we always honor what we say and what we do is bring you all quality over quantity. We bring pleasure to all your senses. Those who keep stock together with us I do thank you from all my heart. Please enjoy today’s release image.
This project was able to come to light thanks to Dangerous Pleasure scanlation group. Be sure you go there to visit.

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