28 May 2017
[Manga] Shisei Goumon ch04b
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Hi Hi! I know it’s already 1 month since last release. I’m sorry for being so late. But the normal issues come and I simply can’t release as much as I want. Sorryimage.
I’m happy to say this is the last chapter of the series. I can’t believe this finally is seeing the light of the tunnel “THE END”. I want to thank everyone who have awaited for so long for the series to end and never tried to rush me. I do truly image. I do hope I can continue to release more and more of the series by this mangaka which is one of my favorites.

Another note I want to add in today’s post. I want to warn that the projects we have at the moment, even if there is another scanlation group who is working on it, we DO NOT plan to stop. Reason? Because I don’t care about their version, since I do want to make my own which I think is the best. Selfish and egocentric of me? Totally!!!
Do I care what others think? NOimage!

Advertising! I’m trying to sell some manga I no longer need or simply just don’t know the reason why I bought it anymore. I’m making a special sale in twitter. So if you want to have a look come HERE (each manga book is $5).

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25 Apr 2017
[Extra] Dear+& Cheri+ LOVERS+- Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku
Tuesday - 20:27 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Oneshot, Release


Hello! Today I come with a small extra from the set I’ve brought so far. Although today is not a weekend day and I’m here to release… guess what? It’s a National Holiday where I live, Portugal, so I decided not to rest and make some clean, type and Qced and here is the newest release image.
Though I wanted to work in more than this one (or at least started the clean for another series) I just got lazy and went to do other stuff… I’m sorry image.
Still I do hope you all like the short story. Enjoy and have a rest of a good week.
Note: I will have no more extra from the series as for that this is the last one.
Note 2: The next project will be the last chapter of “Shinsei Gokumon”…or so I hope.


16 Apr 2017
[Manga] Ano ko to Juliet 05
Sunday - 21:49 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Release


Hello dear readers. First of all I want to wish, for those who celebrate, HAPPY EASTER!!!image
Today I’ve a release for you all, not that I was thinking in release for being a “special” day, but simply because I’m proud to have this one done. I can say proudly the series “Ano ko to Juliet” has come to an end. Not the one I expected at certain point, but it’s a cute one with a lot of emotions and simply made me wonder how I left this fluffy and amazing style behind long ago.image
I hope this last chapter brings you all the same emotions I’d.
This post is as well to thanks, once again, Dagger Til for all the help she provides even though she has her own Spanish scanlation group and has the time to help me. image
I hope you all have a great day. See you all as soon as possible.
Note: Next project to be released is the last chapter of “Shinsei Gokumon” and/or another Extra from Anthology.

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