12 Nov 2017
[Manga] Given ch13
Sunday - 14:33 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Announce, Manga, Release

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Hello everyone. Today is Sunday and finally I’ve some time to come here. To tell you the truth I passed my Saturday doing nothing aside watching TV. I wanted to finally be able to put my series on day. For those who are interested my series were “The Good Doctor”; “The bride of Water God” (K-Drama); “APB”; “Macgyver”.
Either way… today I’m bring to all of you the chapter 13 of the series “Given” I can’t believe how cute this chapter is. Finally…finally they finally…. OMG!!!!!! I can’t believe how Mafuyu can be so straightforward with his feelings.
So please read this chapter with hope ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪.

I want as well take this post to let everyone know that I’ll continue with the ad host short link. Although I will add 2 options. Some members say there having problems with the current version, well so far I had none and I don’t get a single problem ( I do have avira (anti-virus) paid version (not cracked) and so far I’ve no problem or virus).
If you wonder why I do have it, it’s because even though I’ve a donation button people do not donate. I don’t ask for a donation since it’s a free/hobby service but buying manga and other stuff there is a need of money, which needs to come from a “wallet”. Also not everyone can pay, so I think the best “way” is to click in those ad host short links.
Thanks for listen to this.

Anyway, enjoy this chapter as much as you can ⤴︎ ε=ε=(ง ˃̶͈̀ᗨ˂̶͈́)۶ ⤴︎. A special thanks to the Dangerous Pleasure team for always working with us.

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01 Nov 2017
[Manga] Tongari Aikouka 03
Wednesday - 22:00 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Release

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Hello everyone. Long time I know. Sorry for this. Also Happy belated Halloween and Happy Day of the Dead (for those who celebrate it).
Although today I bring you the 3rd story of Tongari. I can’t believe last release was a year ago (✖´╹‸╹`✖)
As for that I hope you like this chapter. I must say this mangaka sure knows how to make s hard to believe stories. Even while Qceding this one I couldn’t stop laughing, so the Dangerous Pleasure team. The comments were hilarious (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖
Please enjoy today’s release.

Note: The following releases will be “Given” ch13 (yes I know, finally) and last chapter of “Stranger”. Await from them really soon.

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15 Oct 2017
[Extras] Libre Premium (3 stories)
Sunday - 21:50 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Release


Hello everyone, how are you today?
As for me everything is fine aside from being tired and there is, once again, fire in my district. It’s October and it doesn’t rain properly for months (since August I think…) so it’s hard on us with all these fires (in total Portugal has 88 active forest fires (;*´Д`)ノ. So I truly hope everything will be okay.

But aside this, today I can bring to you all 3 stories from the anthology “Libre 2011” which are from 3 amazing artists: Yozenou Nekota, first story I bring from her, so I’m super happy, I didn’t find this story scanlated anywhere so I hope to bring something new. Naono Bohra, this is a cute extra from the story “Tamago no Hi” where Platin is giving birth to an egg for Or (for those who read the original story will totally understand). Ike Reibun, I’m super happy I can bring this to you, although we started the original series of this extra we dropped since the other scanlation group finished the story first and well it was a Libre title too…

So I’m truly happy with today’s release. Please enjoy it as much as I did.

Note, we won’t release anything more from these series, but if there’s someone who is interested in other stories please let me know, we will provide the scans.

Have a rest of a good Sunday and wishing you a good week (⁎⚈᷀᷁▿⚈᷀᷁⁎).

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