07 Aug 2016
[Manga] Given 07
Sunday - 13:49 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Release

Given ch 02 copyDownload || Online Reader

Hello everyone. Yes I know we are SUPER late and so on… but better later than never?image
Anyway it’s with great please I present you all the new chapter of Given Volume 2. I just can’t believe this awesome amazing is continuing and for more and more volumes (I hope soon a volume 3 heehee). Also for those who don’t know this amazing manga already owns a Drama CDimage (which I bought and I’m in love with the selected cast).
In this chapter you get to know more and more about our baby boys and their past. So please enjoy this amazing chapter (super cute I wanna cuddle themimage).
This project was able to come to light thanks to Dangerous Pleasure scanlation group. Be sure you go there to visit.

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19 Jun 2016
[Manga] Gakusei Papa to Oishii Otoko 01
Sunday - 23:39 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Release

Gakusei Papa copyDownload

Hello! Me again, this release was supposed to come yesterday but to some troubles and so I could only make today (and I needed to think twice because photoshop was being a pain to handle with image).
Anyway this is the “secret” release I talked in twitter/tumblr (for those who follow us in these 2 social networks) and although it isn’t really secret I hope you girls like kids, papa and young ukesimage.
I’m still trying to get my love pass through members/reader I’ve from this artist, Koizumi Kiyo, so please I hope you all like this release as much as I did while working on it image.Also I want to thank every member who congratulate us for our anniversary. I still need to thank them personally, by replying the messages, yet I wanted to make a comment in this main release.
Again, please enjoy this release .

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17 Jun 2016
[Manga] Monster Master 04
Friday - 23:56 - BY: HokaHoka - AT: Manga, Release


Hello! Yes yes yes yes yesimage! Believe it or not it’s the new chapter of Monster Master! Did you guess I would revive this baby? (probably you have read the comments in twitter/tumblr…lol).
Still I’m so happy to be able to bring this baby back to you! Now only 1 chapter missing and I promise to bring you a closure to this title soon.
Also I bring this baby as a present for BangAQUA’s 9th Anniversary. Yes…9 full yearsimage!
Tomorrow/Sunday I will bring a new title for all the readers! I couldn’t bring more today or so in order to congratulate BangAQUA anniversary yet I hope you all will like this weekend releases.
Enjoy image.

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